Classic Lashes Full Set - 1 hr 45 mins - $125

For the classic soul who loves to keep things simple. Our signature classic lash process involves the careful application of one extension per natural lash. Our artists use expert precision to determine the right lengths to work for your face shape and preserve your natural lash health.


1-2 weeks | 45 mins | $75

2-3 weeks | 60 mins | $100

Extra Full Set - 2 hrs 15 mins - $150

Looking for that classic look but just a tad bit more fullness? The Extra Full Set gives your artist an elongated service time to give your lash line added density. The application technique still remains as one extension per natural lash. This service is ideal for clients with longer lash lines or super full natural lashes so we can obtain 100% coverage.


1-2 weeks | 45 mins | $75

2-3 weeks | 60 mins | $100

Volume Lashes Full Set - 3 hrs - $275

Looking for full, voluminous lashes with lots of drama? Our artists have this down to a science. We use lightweight extensions to to create custom fans that will enhance your natural lashes rather than weigh them down.


1-2 weeks | 1 hr | $120

2-3 weeks | 1.5 hrs | $150

3-4 weeks | 2 hrs | $180

Hybrid Full Set - 2 hrs 30 mins - $200

Our Hybrid Full Set blends our classic and volume lash techniques resulting in a fuller but still natural lash line. Clients with sparse or damaged natural lashes are ideal clientele for this service because we can mask and gaps or sparseness with the volume lash fans spread through out the clients lash line. 

Lash Lift - 1 hr - $75

Looking to enhance your natural eyelashes without extensions? Add a semi-permanent curl & definition to your lashes with our signature lash lift process. While results may vary, lash lifts can last 6-8 weeks. We also recommend tinting in combination to your lash lift for an even more prominent look.

Lash Tint - 30 mins - $45

Looking for a natural low maintenance solution so you can ditch the mascara? Try a lash tint! A process in which we dye your natural lashes dark brown or black. Pair it with our lash lift service to toss both the mascara and lash curler!


Microblading Consultation | 30 mins | $50 (applied toward initial appt.)
Initial Appointment | 2.5 hrs |  Perfecting
(included) | 1.5 hrs | $450

Touch Up | 1.5 hrs | $249

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to thin eyebrows. Pigment is implanted into the skin with a manual handheld tool. The artist will draw hair-like strokes which provides a natural looking eyebrow. Depending on the skin and lifestyle of the client, microblading typically lasts for up to 18 months.

*Microblading is not meant for total brow reconstruction. While it is the most natural brow enhancement service offered it will not completely replace the need for brow filling. It is not ideal for oily skin and touch ups are required every 7-12 months depending on clients. Initial application is about 30% darker than what it will fade up to be.

Hybrid Brows 3 hrs | $500 | Perfecting session included in price.

Touch Up | $299

Looking for a natural makeup look for your brows? Hybrid brows are a blend of manual Microblading with Machine shading that will  totally reconstruct the brow . This combination will replace the need to fill with brow pencil for most clients. Can work on combination skin. Touch ups are required every 10-18 months. Initial application is 50% darker than what it will fade up to be.

Ombré/Powder Brows | 3.5 hrs  | $550 | Perfecting session included in price.

Touch Up | $349

Recommended for total brow reconstruction to create a full glamour makeup look. Ideal for clients with no brow tails, will replace the need to fill in with brow pencil for all clients. Can work for clients with combination and excessive oily skin types, with touch up required every 12-24 months. Initial application is 60% darker than what it will fade up to be.

Brow Tint | 20 min | $25

For those with pesky blonde, light brown, almost invisible brows not looking to commit to microblading. The hair will stay tinted for up to 2 weeks, and the skin stained for only a day or two.

Brow tinting is meant to stain the hair and not the skin so shouldn’t be used as a replacement to brow filling*


Hair Removal | Brow shaping and sculpting - $30 | Lip - $15 | Chin - $15 | Full Face - $45+ | Underarms - $40 Please allow 15-30 mins for appointment.

Here at The Lash and Brow Society, we use hard wax or “the no strip wax” for hair removal. Hard wax is especially effective in areas where hair grows in multiple directions or skin is thin and fragile. The Lash and Brow Society also offers threading and tweezing as an alternative, which are excellent if you are prone to redness or reactions from waxing. The artist can help guide you on which method is best for your skin.

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